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Metablic Detox


Each year, more than 4 billion pounds of potentially harmful chemicals are released into the environment, which can accumulate in the body and impact overall health. Wellness Fingerprint provides an advanced line of detoxification program to help people stay healthy.

This invigorating, cleanse-while-you-nourish 21 day metabolic detox program will help your body cleanse itself of accumulated harmful substances while gaining health and vitality.

This program is perfectly suited for anyone who wants to shed a few kilos, increase their overall energy and improve cellular health, which promotes healthy ageing, radiant skin, and sleep.

How the programme works:

This 21 day metabolic detox includes:

    - 1 hour private consultation
    - Email support throughout
    Supplement recommendations
    - Structured dietary plan
    - Recipes and meal plans
    - 20 min telephone follow up at end of your detox where we will analyze your results and agree on your personalized plan going forward.

detox program, Wellness Fingerprint

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