Peanut Butter Cookies

Spring is in full effect and by the time the next recipe comes out next week, I will be busy preparing for my trip to Japan…Bokes have knocked out hosts Japan to make semi-finals date with Wales so I am really hoping that they make the finals and I can watch them live in Tokyo! But for now, I’m writing from Cape Town, where I have spent the last two weeks…

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Cauliflower seed loaf

I’m no chef, but I love food, that’s certainly no secret. I chat about it all the time! And when I don’t talk about it, I am busy cooking in the kitchen! I have to admit though, I’ve become quite good at finding ways to incorporate more vegetables into my homemade recipes…

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Sweet & Spicy Tofu

I have been super busy for work and there is even more coming up. This has really forced me to become efficient with the dishes that I cook. So I need nutritious and quick and easy to prep dishes…

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Crispy Vegan Bhaji

This month, we take a staple of Indian cooking, the bhaji with a healthier twist, to make a crispy, spicy, delicious and nutritious dish!

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Homemade Vegan Cheese

This Vegan Cheese Recipe is super simple but genius! It makes the perfect appetiser for any occasion and can be spread on crackers for a super yum nutritious snack!

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Vegan Pesto

If there’s one thing that you MUST master in your vegan recipe repertoire it’s a perfect vegan pesto! This one is delicious as heck while being ridiculously simple to throw together in minutes…

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Vegan Twix Bites

Winter is in full bloom (my favourite time of the year), I’ve slowed down my traveling a lot, and I’ve been loving being in the kitchen concocting new yummy recipes…

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Almond Milk

Almond Milk     Ingredients Makes approximately 5 cups 1-cup raw organic almonds (soaked overnight in cool salt water. Check Notes below to learn why

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