Vegan Granola Bar

Hi, Just a quick catch up as I realize it’s been forever since I updated! I know January has taken forever, but February feels like it has gone 100 in a 45 zone. All good though…it’s how I like it!

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Vegan Nuts Pie Bites

Hi, where have the last few weeks gone? Just a quick catch up as I realize it’s been forever since I updated! Since the christmas holidays, which by the way already feel like a distant memory, the last few weeks have been super busy…

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Mushroom Fried Rice

Hi, as this is my first 2020 post, I just want to start by wishing you a Happy New Year and thanking you for your continued support and for reading my post, newsletters and articles that I put effort into just for you! As we have moved into a new decade I have taken some much-needed reflection…

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Buckwheat Pancakes

When I say I’ve been burnt out as of late, that isn’t an understatement. Thankfully, for the rest of the month I’ll be staying put in Cape Town and prioritize being present, catching up with friends and family, and…

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Macadamia Chocolate Wafers

I just returned back to Cape Town after an incredible 10 days in Japan, where I witnessed the men in green and gold securing the Webb-Ellis trophy for the third time in their history, as they beat England 32-12…

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Loaded Potato cakes

If you’re following along on IG, you know that I am about to head to Japan to watch the rugby final…yeah lucky me! Long-haul flights can be really exhausting, but I find that they give me a decent amount of time to read and catch up on the happenings of the world and watch downloaded Netflix shows and movies that I otherwise would never get a chance to watch.

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Peanut Butter Cookies

Spring is in full effect and by the time the next recipe comes out next week, I will be busy preparing for my trip to Japan…Bokes have knocked out hosts Japan to make semi-finals date with Wales so I am really hoping that they make the finals and I can watch them live in Tokyo! But for now, I’m writing from Cape Town, where I have spent the last two weeks…

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Cauliflower seed loaf

I’m no chef, but I love food, that’s certainly no secret. I chat about it all the time! And when I don’t talk about it, I am busy cooking in the kitchen! I have to admit though, I’ve become quite good at finding ways to incorporate more vegetables into my homemade recipes…

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Sweet & Spicy Tofu

I have been super busy for work and there is even more coming up. This has really forced me to become efficient with the dishes that I cook. So I need nutritious and quick and easy to prep dishes…

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