Slimming Treatment Pressotherapy System (Cape Town Only)

Do you want to get slim, feel young and look great?

Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive detoxifying treatment.  A soft, pain free air pressure is applied to massage the body. This air pressure massage helps to dissolve the fat cells and achieve cellulite reduction. It also acts as a lymphatic drainage to detoxify certain harmful deposits inside the body and the internal organs. Designed with masterful scientific precision, this massager activates the lymphatic circulation, softening and breaking down the connective fat tissue, as well as excreting any toxin and waste through the inflation and deflation cycles. This process provides an effective and long-lasting solution against cellulite, fatty deposits and fluid retention, thus becoming an ideal instrument for weight loss.

Benefits include:
– Treatment of cellulite
– Slimming and detoxing
– Improving circulation and increasing lymphatic drainage
– Relieving pain, swelling and fluid retention
– Alleviating edemas, leg fatigue and improving oxygen flow throughout the body
– Redefining the legs, stomach and arms while enhancing skin tone
– Great for pre and post liposuction treatment 


Slimming Treatment Pressotherapy procedure:

Step 1: Preparation of skin

SleekSculpt™ Body Peel is applied.

The Body peel is an AHA based exfoliate that also lowers the PH, allowing improved permeability for active products. The peel also promotes the skin’s appearance, bringing back its natural glow.

Step 2: Activation of treatment areas

SleekSculpt™ Slimming Gel is applied.

The Slimming Gel combines several of the most effective ingredients available for treating cellulite, strengthening capillaries and promoting blood and lymph flow. It has a stimulatory effect, which dilates vessels and capillaries in preparation of fluid and waste removal.

Step 3: Body wrap

The treatment areas are wrapped, promoting deeper product penetration. This also allows the Slimming Gel to remain active for the full period of the treatment.

Step 4: Sequential compression therapy

This medical CE certified device, stimulates lymphatic fluid and blood flow.


Adapted from the proven principals of Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MDL including Vodder massage principle) the SleekSculpt device is a compression therapy system that delivers one of the most effective and safe medical lymphatic drainage therapies available on the market.

By using sophisticated algorithms, the device applies sequential pressure from the feet and legs, in the direction of the waist. This allows for improved circulation by widening blood and lymphatic vessels. Lymph fluid that has become stagnant in the skin and fat cells are successfully removed and is ultimately excreted through the urinary system. As a result lymphatic drainage detoxifies the body and helps to reduce weight.

Other devices on the market offer solely pneumatic massages without proper lymphatic drainage. The procedure using Slimming treatment pressotherapy can intensify effects of other therapies for weight loss like detox diets, lipolysis, and ultrasound cavitation.

People that suffer from water retention and cellulite most likely have a compromised lymphatic system. This means that the lymphatic fluid is not flowing the way it should. It can be described as the body’s garbage removal system not working, causing waste to pile up inside the body and restricting new supplies to come in.


The Slimming treatment pressotherapy restores the system function by:

  • Stimulation of blood circulation and lymphatic systems which improves supply of oxygen and nutrients to organs
  • Increase speed of removal from organism the products of disintegration, liquidation of stagnation symptoms, absorption of edema
  • Better vein blood outflow
  • Wider blood and lymphatic vessels, which increases blood circulation speed

Benefits of using Slimming treatment pressotherapy:

  • Avoiding the development of cellulite
  • Stopping the accumulation of cellulite and liquid
  • Prevention and elimination of varicose the first stage
  • Shaping legs, abdomen, buttocks and arms
  • Strengthening loose skin (result of pregnancy, obesity)
  • Immediate relief for “heavy legs”
  • Speed recovery of skin after liposuction, laser lipolysis, cavitation

The device can be utilized in the treatment of many different conditions including:

    • Primary and secondary lymphedema
    • After mastectomy
    • Venous insufficiency
    • Non-infected inflammatory conditions (e.g. sprains and strains)
    • Ulceration
    • Circulatory disturbances
    • Sport injuries
    • Burns
    • Cellulitis tissue
    • Pre- and post-plastic surgery

6 reviews for Slimming Treatment Pressotherapy System (Cape Town Only)

  1. Jane

    Always very happy with my therapist and my experience at Wellness Fingerprint Tokai

  2. Claire

    I received a great warm welcome from Shahima, the treatment and her head massage were so relaxing and i must say the SleekSculpt slimming treatment is my favourite by far.

  3. George

    Excellent product. Very happy with the results.

  4. Sonia

    Helped me a lot with excess water and poor circulation

  5. Janine

    Shahima, my therapist makes you feel very special. She is very energetic and a wonderful person. Love every treatment and see great results.

  6. Penny

    I have had treatments for almost 3 months and so far love it! Very relaxing and amazing results.

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Pressotherapy is a painless, non-invasive detoxifying treatment.  A soft, pain free air pressure is applied to massage the body.

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