Personal Training (SA Only)

Are you looking for a personal trainer who meets you where you are and takes you where you want to go?

Our dedicated fitness expert will provide you with an invaluable expertise and support for implementing a smart and fun workout program, going past emotional and physical roadblocks and getting the results you are after.

At Wellness Fingerprint, we strongly believe that a better life can be achieved through successful, accessible, fun, functional, varied training sessions.

Our vision is to empower our clients and give them the tools to transform their lives by teaching them to beat their own limits, get fit, enjoy exercising and in turn improve their overall quality of life.

Number of Sessions

1 Session, 5 Sessions, 10 Sessions

4 reviews for Personal Training (SA Only)

  1. Peter

    Mike is committed to helping me achieve my goals and makes every session fun, different and challenging. My fitness has increased a lot and I’ve seen improvements in my ability to generally push myself harder throughout each session.

  2. Nigel

    If motivation, flexibility, and a personal approach is what you are looking for in a personal trainer, then Mike is the man for you!

  3. James

    Signing up with Wellness Fingerprint personal trainer was one of the best things I have ever done! Mike, my trainer has helped me achieve my goals so far and I love our sessions. He makes it fun and enjoyable to workout and he is always making sure that I stay motivated!

  4. Sally

    Wellness Fingerprint Personal Training is really great. I was skinny but too shy to go to the gym. I have Mike as my personal trainer and have already noticed a positive change in how I look. I am also much more confident. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking for great quality personal training.

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Personal Training session with Wellness Fingerprint trainers

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