Personal Shopper (SA Only)

Would you like to stop feeling sluggish, stay energized to enjoy your daily life and be inspired to eat in a healthy, sustainable way?

Then let me be your helping hand by stepping into your kitchen and clarifying the confusion of what’s healthy and what’s not so you can love eating well to feel good!

I will look into your pantry and fridge and figure out what foods may be making you feel unwell. You’ll learn about the key principles of balanced eating, how to get essential nutrients into your diet in a fun, fuss-free way and what sorts of foods you need to add to your shopping cart through a trip with me to your local supermarket so your kitchen is freshly stocked! The experience takes approximately 3 hours (depending on travel times and size of kitchen/supermarket) and is available in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

I will also provide you with recipe ideas and a handy one-week meal plan based on the ingredients we choose together to get you started on your new journey so you can love eating well to feel good!

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We step into your kitchen to clarify the confusion of what’s healthy and whats not, so you can love eating well to feel good!

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