Nutritional Therapy

Individual consultations to evaluate your health status, needs, objectives and building a therapeutic relationship on a One to One basis at my practice centres in Cape Town, and Johannesburg or via skype calls.

What to expect?

Prior to your consultation, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive health questionnaire and food diary thus giving me an insight into your background and your health objectives. This will allow me to create a platform to build our relationship together.

Initial Consultation

This will generally last 60 minutes, where a thorough assessment is conducted to look at the underlying factors that may affect your current health status. The information gathered is taken in complete confidence and I will make sure that any intervention, whether nutritional, personal, physical or lifestyle is discussed, understood and agreed with you. Within 48 hours, a detailed report will be emailed to you with a bespoke nutritional and lifestyle programme tailored to your needs. Supplements may be recommended depending on the key areas that need to be focused on. Functional tests can be key to determine underlying factors. Wellness Fingerprint uses different Laboratories such as DNAnalysis Biotechnology, Genova diagnostics and Synexa Life Sciences depending on the country where the consultation is being held.

How many consultations do I need?

The duration of your journey to wellness will depend on your unique goals and needs. With this in mind, I offer a variety of packages, to cater for your individual requirements and the level of support needed to help you achieve your goals.

Most clients require at least two consultations so a programme can be implemented and reviewed. However the more complex your case is, the more consultations you’re likely to need. I offer 2 consultation package, 3 consultation package and 6 consultation package. The package also includes reasonable emails and telephone support.

Payment: The fee will be due prior to consultation.

Cancellation Policy: Appointments can be cancelled or amended up to 48 hours before the consultation time and date otherwise the full fee will be charged.

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Individual consultations to evaluate your health status, needs and objectives.

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Consultation Form

Your privacy is our concern. All information entered is kept strictly confidential.

Consultation Form

Your privacy is our concern. All information entered is kept strictly confidential.