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Have you ever felt like you’re in a holding pattern, lurching from one exhausting experience to another?

As your Life Coach I will help you to identify the areas of your life that are toxic to your health and wellbeing and gently guide you onto a much healthier path.

Every person is an individual with a unique set of symptoms. I will spend time getting to know you and look at you holistically in order to draw up your individual, personal program to suit your needs.

Whether it’s recognizing better choices or reducing unhelpful negative thoughts and destructive behavior, I can help you tap into skills that can be used to frame your life the way you want to live it. Together, we can unlock the doors obstructing your success.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch on the Contact page if you have any questions about the Wellness Fingerprint Life Coaching approach.


6 reviews for Life Coaching

  1. Nadine

    Sego’s positive energy has helped me to make changes from a place of positiveness and confidence instead of fear which has had a powerful impact on my personal life.

  2. Karen

    I can’t recommend Sego highly enough. I wasn’t entirely sure what a ‘Life Coach’ would do for me but I quickly realized that she was changing the way I not only did things but how I thought of myself. Her guidance has helped me to transform aspects of my personal and professional life that I would not have developed otherwise. She listens to what my goals are and helps me find achievable ways to tackle them so that I can successfully reach them.

  3. Steve

    Sego uses her humor, kindness and compassion to help bring out the best in me. She is dedicated to helping me live life to its fullest.”

  4. Fiona

    Sego is amazing. She is a gifted coach and her inherent, sensitive listening skills have helped me through some personal challenges. I highly recommend Sego to anyone seeking to improve their personal life skills.”

  5. Debbie

    Working with Sego was a life changing experience. She guided me to finally succeed at long-standing personal goals. She is very personable and is able to connect with her clients quickly.

  6. Matt

    I highly recommend Sego as a life coach. In our work together, she’s provided exceptional value in her ability to assess situations quickly and offer practical tools, and plans of action to enable positive growth, change and resilience.”

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The World needs that gift that only you have.

Sego is a life coach on a mission to empower women so that they can live a full and extraordinary life.

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