Meet Tammy

Meet Tammy


In our new ‘MEET’ this month, we’re highlighting Tammy (@bods_bytam), another amazing woman who on the outside seem to have it all, but behind the scene, is a lady on a mission, hustling and grinding with her beauty and her brain. We asked this inspirational boss lady to share a little about her career, her love for fitness, and how she balances it all:


Tell us a little about you/your background?

I grew up with 3 siblings, I’m the second oldest (and definitely wisest). Sport and fitness was always a recurring theme in our household, my mom was a South African Power walker. My sister played waterpolo for South Africa, both my brothers loved swimming and were also talented waterpolo players. My dad, the more relaxed Rawstron – loved to be out in nature. And I loved swimming! I always knew I wanted to improve the lives of others and encourage an enthusiasm and love of fitness, which is why I chose this journey.


What inspires you to stay fit and healthy?

The joy and accomplishment I feel when my body goes from strength to strength, I am continuously amazed by the human body and I want to develop it into its ultimate, strongest form.

Beauty Secrets

You look amazing…What are your beauty secrets?

Lots and lots of water, every day. Hydration is the simplest skinny secret and beauty remedy. Along with clean eating and of course, the occasional glass of champagne.


What has been most important to you throughout your growth and crushing your fitness goals?

Consistency – I train for life: not for events, seasons or outfits. It takes diligent emphasis on self management, keeping up to date with fitness trends to avoid boredom and put measures in place when you find yourself less focused.


What types of exercises bring out the best in your body shape?

Cross training – my body loves trying new things, there is very little I won’t do, run, swim, hike, yoga, CrossFit – you name it! I just can’t ride a bicycle, can you believe it.


What does health beauty and fitness mean to you?

Happiness. If you’re living a life you are proud of health, beauty and fitness will be the results of that. To love yourself and accept who you are is the essence of happiness, and without that you will always be striving for unreachable health, beauty and fitness goals.


Must have beauty products?

Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream, it is my go to product for dry unhappy skin and always in my handbag The skin creamery everyday cream – It’s 100% natural and rich and moisturising


Tell us what a day in your life looks like, and first thing you do in the morning, and last thing you do at night.

My alarm always goes off at 5am, I never want the sun to be up before me. The kettle goes on immediatly – and I jump back it to bed with a metabolism boosting cup of Raspberry Flavoured Thermo Tea. 15min later I am ready to conquer the day – I pop on an empowering podcast (usually Michael Todd) and shower and get pumped for the day. My breakfast shake takes 2 min to prepare and I grab it as I leave to coach my 6am squad – I have clients back to back until 9am. Then I head to Hillsong church where I volunteer in their sport outreach programme until 5pm. This includes meeting, team buildings, sport programming and community visits to Mitchells Plein and Kensington. At 5pm I head back to the crossfit box to coach my evening sessions until 19:30. When I get home at 8pm dinner is always a quickie, Salmon and Broc is ready in 7min and an all time favourite. I do atleast an hour of admin or programming before bedtime and always fall asleep in less then 5 min and sleep like a baby.


What does self-care mean to you? What do you do to keep sane? What products do you enlist to help?

It is everything – it is taught it doesn’t come natural – it is the greatest thing you can empower someone with. It makes you more confident, impressionable and productive. Its an indication that you love and care for yourself. I look after myself daily, top to toe and inside out. My hair is always groomed, and I do not compromise on product quality. My nails and toenails are always manicured. My skin is always moisturized with natural products. I make sure I smell great despite hours in the gym. My body is in shape January to December year after year. I read motivational quotes everyday, practice gratitude and worship my maker. I surround myself with beautiful humans who encourage me and build me up and avoid negative company. I strive always for a deep rooted joy and address anything which may disturb it.


What about your weekly workout schedule?

Monday – Short run and CrossFit class
Tuesday – Rest – I work 14hr shift no gaps
Wednesday – CrossFit
Thursday – Functional training mostly core and booty
Friday – CrossFit
Weekend – Hike


Something you can’t live without?

My family, friends and community. I have an amazing support structure in my life and I couldn’t be where I am now without their love and support


What is next for you?

I am busy working on a fitness ebook and a women empowerment project that will be launched this winter. It is something close to my heart which I have been developing for years and hope it serves many women.


Things that people don’t know about you

Not many people know that I studied business as well as Human movement sciences (bcom degree) and graduated Cum Laude. Or that I was a VERY shy teenager with a dream of being a high spirited aerobic instructor which forced me to conquer all my fears n


Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to talk about?

A cause very near and dear to my heart is charity, specifically orphanages and under privileged children. I started and NPO last year called Kindness is Key to help give the children of Al Noor orphanage a semblance of a normal childhood, please follow us on Instagram _kindnessiskey_ and contact me if you have some love to share with these amazing children.


We also asked Tammy what a typical day of eating looks like for her. Here’s what she told us.


What she eats

You guys know how much we love a good workout that gives us a chance to break, so for this week’s What She Eats, we sat down with the @crossfitdistrict6. trainer Tammy Rawstron. Tammy’s classes are all about body positivity and empowerment and having a good time, and she believes in living a life filled with serious training, yummy wholesome foods and plenty of laughs, which is why her smile is so contagious. Tammy is all about living a balanced life and eating the right foods to fuel her throughout her busiest days.

Here’s what she told us:



I’ll usually wake up around 5AM, and I’ll have a PDM and F1 shake, along with the Thermogenic (trippy) Tea. My day just doesn’t feel right without it!



By 8am I’m hungry again, so I’ll have some scrambled eggs with 1/3-avo and an americano or almond milk cappuccino.

Almond Milk Cappucino


Is either a stir fry or a salad – I always include sufficient protein and some carbs. A colorful plate does it for me.

Grilled Salmon


I try stay off too much red meat, so my dinners normally include grilled Salmon (I love salmon), grilled tofu or grilled chicken breasts with rice and roast veggies or grilled sweet potato. I also love a good curry, tofu curry with basmati rice is an awesome winter warmer!



Herbalife, as mentioned in my breakfast. Herbalife choc nut protein bars, raw almonds, rice cakes with peanut butter and grapefruit or pineapple

Cashew Nuts

Favorite dessert(s)

Strawberry flavored cashew nut yogurt or dried mango


What is your philosophy when it comes to food?

Food is for nourishment, make sure that you are feeding your body with vitamins and minerals, empty foods like bread and margarine may fill your tummy temporarily, but your body derives zero goodness from it. For your body to run and perform as effectively as it can you need to use all the premium fuels to keep it in tip top shape. Eat clean, skip the deep fried foods and opt for raw as often as possible. Allow yourself grace, when you fall off the bandwagon don’t get discouraged, pick yourself up and get back on. Allow yourself a “grace” meal every week, whether it be a waffle of hamburger, don’t completely deprive yourself of the foods you love, but always have the control to not over indulge too often.


Quick Fire:

Sweet or Savoury? Savory – Big Corn Bites are my go to cheat snack
East Coast or West Coast? East Coast
Hot or cold? Hot – Summer lover beach bum
Lips or Eyes? Lips – obsessed
Smoothie or Juice? Juice – must have Ginger
Yoga or Pilates? Yoga
Coffee or Tea? Coffeeeeeeee


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