Meet Rachel

Meet Rachel



Balance can be a real struggle when you are a busy mama and no one can speak to that more than Rachel Kolisi, (@Rachel_kolisi) the bubbly Co-founder of RISE, a community where women can come to find acceptance, love and journey together. Rachel strongly believes that life is all about balance and being body positive and by sharing her own journey to building self-confidence, she has become an amazing role model for many women who struggle with body image and self-love. We sat down with this inspiring boss lady and asked her to share her amazing philosophy and the inside scoop on her wellness routine. Here’s what she told us:



Tell us a little about you/your background?

I Am a small town girl from a small town in the Eastern Cape called Grahamstown- not many people know where this is 🙂 I am a mother to 4 beautiful children aged from 17 – 2 years, and I’m married to a super hero – as my son refers to him. Since giving up my day job, I have become very focussed on raising my children well, supporting my husband, and over the past few weeks RISE which is a project I have started with my good friend Tammy Rawstron. I am passionate about fitness and sharing my journey with other women who find themselves in a similar state that I once was.



What was the inspiration behind Rise and the e-book that you created with @bods_bytam?

There are so many reasons. But just so you have some context. The first time Tam contacted me via instagram to start a fitness journey with her, was after she had been at a braai where she over heard a group of men talking about me and how I had “let myself go” after having children, and how they “felt sorry” for my husband having to be married to me. She took me on a journey that has literally changed my life, and was so much more then a fitness journey. We wanted to make that accessible to all women. The world is a harsh place for women. RISE is a community of women who accept, love and journey together.


Watch the space!


What are some of your daily inspirations, challenges and rewards as a fitness advocate/ instagram influencer?

My bible definitely tops the list for inspiration. My youngest child is not yet 2 so she is still at home (not yet at crèche) some days my helper comes in late and I have to take my daughter to gym with me. It’s a challenge sometimes, when she gets bored or she’s crying, hungry, grumpy. It’s also a huge reward though. I incorporate her as much as possible in my workouts, so it’s quality time with her, and its a good example for her. As far as social media is concerned, I try avoiding negativity as much as possible – it doesn’t serve me at all. But of course everyone has their options and feel the need to share them. More importantly though, I have been blessed with a platform where I have the opportunity to do things differently and show others that being yourself is so much better then trying to be anyone else. Even with your flaws.



What do you find is the hardest challenge balancing your work and personal life?

My husband travels a lot, and RISE has just become so much bigger then we ever imagined and now requires some travelling. That is a challenge for me leaving my kids with both parents gone. Really grateful to have a partner who is willing to pick up the slack if I have to deal with sick kids, or school holidays.



What is your self-care philosophy?

My personal self-care starts with the state of my heart and mind. What am I allowing in, and what do I put out.



Take us through an average day in the life, the first thing you do in the morning through to the last thing you do at night.

My average day at the moment looks like this. 5.30am – go to gym. 7am get home, wake up kids, get ready for school, breakfast etc. 8am the school drop. Hang out with my daughter. 9am shower and get ready for meetings (at the moment I’m in 4 – 5 meetings a week) otherwise i find somewhere quiet to sit and work, sometimes, if I have time ill fit in a yoga class or a run. Before i know it, its 4pm and time to head home for the school pick up. And then i make dinner, bath kids, do homework (those couple of hours are so crazy) bedtime for my kids is at 8pm. Then 9pm i normally get work out again. Normally in bed around 11pm.



What does your perfect day in Cape Town look like?

My perfect day in Cape Town, would definitely involve good weather and something outdoors with my family. I love a picnic at Kirstenbosch or Green Point Park. I love a hike, and definitely finish it off with ice creams and a walk on the promenade.



Where are your three favorite destinations to travel to alone/with family/friends? Do you have any trips planned?

I haven’t actually travelled a whole lot in my life. I was in London for the world cup in 2015. Japan for work in 2018. And Monaco for 12 hours for an awards night 2019. I love a family road trip anywhere! I don’t like going anywhere alone. Love having my family with me My younger 2 kids and I are heading to Australia and Fiji this month for my sister’s wedding. And hope to go to Japan with all my kids later in the year for the world cup.



You are a body transformation specialist. What 3 tips could you share with our readers who are trying to get fitter and lose weight?

I don’t know about specialist haha. But I’ve walked the road for sure. 1. Don’t hate where you are right now. Embrace your body. And look forward to the process. 2. Don’t start to loose weight. Start because you want a better healthier more energized life. 3. Prioritize yourself. It’s really hard to do this when you have a family. But it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.



What is your philosophy when it comes to food?

I struggle with my eating so much! I’m not on any eating plans. I do however practice intermittent fasting. So I eat from 12 – 8 everyday.



What does health beauty and fitness mean to you?

Health and fitness are up there on my list of priorities. To get the most out of life I believe one needs to be healthy in mind, body and soul. Beauty is everywhere, it’s so much more than skin deep.



Must have beauty/health products?

I use Neolife products since I was a child (grew up on them) from their skincare range to their nutrition range. I highly recommend them. I’m not one for makeup. A good set of lashes and a great Spf cream – you’re good to go!



Biggest vice(s)?




Something you can’t live without?

My bible and my family.



What is next for you?

Who knows really? Everything RISE. And most importantly happy healthy family!



Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to talk about?

We attach all of our RISE events to a cause, where we can help to equip women in need. This is often helping a young girl do a basic skills course, job shadowing. Recently, we helped a women who lost her job and is raising 4 kids alone, to set up a healthy home cooked meals business. She will be joined (her food is in great demand by another lady in need soon).


Quick Fire:

Sweet or Savoury? Savory
Hot or cold? Hot
Lips or Eyes? Eyes
Smoothie or Juice? Juice
Yoga or Pilates? Yoga
Coffee or Tea? Tea


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