Meet Kafui


Meet Kafui


We would like to introduce you to the awe-inspiring, Kafui Awoonor. Kafui has launched her own amazing product line of organic skincare products called ‘Kafui Naturals’ (@kafuinaturals). There is so much love that goes into the creation of these products, that it’s hardly a surprise that they’re all so amazing, pure and make our skin feel alive. We are not only obsessed with her line, we are obsessed with her, too! She recently told us a little more about how she built her brand, revealing her favourite beauty products, explaining the importance of sticking to a regular skincare routine and giving us some inside tips on her wellness routine.

Kafui Organic Skincare

What made you pursue a career in beauty?

I started making products for myself to avoid unnecessary chemicals and preservatives and that developed into a business. Before starting Kafui Naturals, I worked in corporate for years.


What inspired you to start your own skincare line?

I realised that the market was lacking organic hair and skincare products for different skin types, and that I could create a natural line that’s healthier and doesn’t have long-term effect on our health.

Skincare Products

Your skin is absolutely beautiful – what’s your skincare regimen?

I have been blessed with good genes from both parents and as much as I love saying “black don’t crack”, I do take good care of my skin. I scrub a few times a week with the Kafui Naturals Black soap which is a plant-based soap, infused with oils like flax Seed, Neem and Tea tree oil.

Then I use our new face oil which has Carrot oil, Argan oil and Hempseed oil. It helps protect my skin. And the great thing about it is, it has a natural SPF as well. In the evenings, I use the Kafui Naturals Face cleanser on a cotton pad to clean my face and then put on either the Kafui Naturals Beard oil or the face oil as well depending on the season. I find that I often don’t need to put on any oil or cream at night during summer but definitely need to in winter.


Do you wear makeup? If so, what brands do you go for?

I don’t really wear makeup. I like to let my skin breathe. I am still looking for an all-natural makeup brand. Maybe I should start one myself!

When I do wear makeup, I use Fenty… and whatever mascara and eyebrow pencil I can find. I keep it basic and natural. Sometimes, when it’s a special occasion, I’ll put on a bold lip colour.


What do you see as the relationship between food and health skin?

There is definitely a strong connection between food and healthy skin. I notice that when I binge on my favourite Snickers bar, I get very tiny pimples from the sugar. When I balance that out with lots of water, herbal teas, fruits and green veggies, my skin is happiest.


What is a typical day like in your life?

I wake up and meditate for 30-minutes. Then I plan the social media posts while having breakfast, which is usually oats or muesli. Next, to Kafui Naturals! I have a passion for Yoga and recently started a collaborative space called Holding Space  (@HoldingspaceCT) to bring more inclusion to the Yoga community. I also offer Yoga classes at Battery Park by the Waterfront with a group of friends. Our initiative is called Freedom Friends (@Freedomfriendsct) and classes are every Wednesday at 6pm. In between classes, I can be found contemplating ways to build Kafui Naturals.  I’m really blessed to be able to fill my days doing things I am passionate about. 


What are your go-to snacks?

I’ve tried to be more mindful of my snacking habits but I do love energy bars and any type of nuts.


When you are traveling – what are your tips for glowing skin?

Water, water, water! Wherever you go, have a bottle of water in your bag. I usually also have a tester of Kafui Naturals body butter in my bag because I have dry skin and it’s always handy.


Who is your biggest inspiration in the industry and why? 

I am inspired by smaller brands, specifically women of colour building their own businesses. It’s hard to name one brand, but I do love the diversity and inclusivity of Fenty!


How is your skincare line different from other products on the market?

Our products are handmade, preservative free, cruelty free and besides the lip balm, all vegan. I think my approach to the range has been different. It started as something small that I just created for myself and it grew from there. I think the intention behind it is one of the things that makes Kafui Naturals different from other brands.


What is your favourite home-cooked dish? Who inspires your cooking?

My favourite food is Jollof Rice with fish and plantain! It’s a West African dish that I can’t live without. Ghanaians and Nigerians are in an ongoing, never-ending food battle about whose Jollof Rice is better. Jollof wars! But the dish is actually originally from Senegal.My dad is the best cook I know. He makes the best Jollof. Whenever I would visit him, he would make sure all my favourite foods would be ready. A feast!


What is your vision for the company? Do you see yourself expanding to new products?

We are currently developing a few more products to add to the range. Beyond the products, I would like to develop wellness/holistic gathering spaces that are more reflective of South African society.


Tell us one thing that people don’t know about you.

I was raised in Amsterdam. I grew up there from the age of 7 then moved to South Africa. So, I’m Dutch. Very Dutch in certain ways! 

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