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We met Lisa Rouhana, the incredible owner and founder of Love Yourself Wealthy, and immediately became obsessed with her personality and hustle. Lisa keeps herself busy running her 4 businesses but what we admire most besides her #Womanboss ways is her commitment to healthy living which is why we made her our #meet this week. We can’t wait for you to become just as obsessed as we are


Tell us a little bit about you and what you do.

I’m 55 this month; July. I am the happiest I have ever been and love challenging myself.


What inspired you to become a supermodel, Grey ambassador to your generation and launch a social media initiative (@empoweredbygrey)?

I became a model by chance. Right place, right time. I embraced my grey about six years ago and have never looked back. I would like to prove that grey does not mean old.


What has been most important to you throughout your growth and in becoming a successful entrepreneur?

Never giving up, learning to ask for help, being patient, trusting the process, doing what needs to be done even through resistance, fear and monkey chatter that tries to keep us stuck and “safe”. I have found that having varied income streams help. For example, last year when Cape Town was suffering with the water challenges, our massage business was badly impacted. But I had other income streams to rely on.


What inspired you to start Love Yourself Wealthy?

I want couples to know that breaking up is often just a bandage. We repeat the same behaviors with our next partner. This is because our behaviours stem from our emotions and few of us are brave enough to look within ourselves. We are often looking outside ourselves for a quick-fix. Especially in this world of instant gratification. If you want to change your life, you have to change. This concept has been incredibly empowering and life changing. Everything comes back to emotions.


What is your vision for Love Yourself Wealthy?

I would like to expand my client base beyond South Africa and become a global speaker so I can share my story and help more people stay in a space of love instead of fear. We all make better decisions when we are in a state of love. I would like more people to know that there is another way. I would really like to change the relationship statistics from “money is the number one reason couples split up” to something else. I believe prevention is better than cure. I hope to reach more couples when they are in the love phase and do my Love Yourself Wealthy program, so they can understand and be on the same money page. I know that money challenges are global and I offer online programmes, this will be easier than it was before. I would encourage all entrepreneurs to embrace technology and not resist it.


What has been the biggest hurdle of having your own business and what inspires you to keep moving forward?

The biggest hurdle has been my limiting beliefs and the feeling of not knowing enough – I have an addiction to learning and I overly invest in courses. Allan is great at making me realise that this is just another pattern of mine. He becomes my teacher and my coach and it is beautiful to swap positions, to be open to listening and to see it through his perspective, as we often only see it one way – our way. My other challenge is my fear of public speaking. I also fear how we all create rules for our lives; I have broken that rule, which was very scary. However when three people say “Lisa, you need to speak on that Pecha Kucha stage in front of 500 people” I have to listen. I know that if I don’t, the universe will bring the message across in an even bigger challenge. I spoke at the Pecha Kucha (@pechakuchact) stage last week and I am now a public speaker.


Who is your biggest inspiration and why?

My Mama, because she had a bad card dealt to her when my dad died and left her raising three kids under the age of five. But she took it and never made any excuses. She has had three inspiring, grounded and successful children and this all comes back to her and the values she instilled in us. The love she gave us is the reason we are who we are today.


Your skin is absolutely perfect – what is your skincare regimen?

I am a fan of Nu Skin and the results are the only reason I can promote it and why I partnered with them in 2015. I use the LumiSpa to cleanse my face and it does so much more than that. It has reduced my pore size, age lines and softened my skin. It is like having a facial every day and it only takes two minutes. I don’t wear make-up. I love doing my galvanic treatment weekly and it is the reason I look 10 years younger than my school friends. I owe my face to Nu Skin. I offer free online consultations if your readers are interested and I offer wholesale prices, which I call #moneymagic.


What does health, beauty and fitness mean to you?

I love feeling confident and sexy. So I love being in the gym, hiking, beach walks and I have followed a vegetarian diet my whole life. I am a type 1 diabetic so I am conscious of how food is our medicine and how we can control what we put in our bodies. I do not drink alcohol as I now practice self-love. Confidence is our superpower and the better I look and feel, the more confident I am.


Tell us what a day in your life looks like, the first thing you do in the morning and the last thing you do at night.

I start the morning with a gratitude and meditation practice this sets the tone for my day. I make kombucha tea, which is the second thing that kisses my lips. You can guess who the first is. If I can, I go for a walk on the beach, I live five minutes away from the beach which is such a treat and privilege. I then have breakfast which is a bowl of oats with raisins, seeds, coconut shavings, grated apple and peanut butter. I love to drink water, rooibos and kombucha tea throughout the day. I will also have a black Americano with Allan in the morning and perhaps another one later in the day. Lunch is a vegan pasta made with red peppers, rocket, basil, onions, mushrooms and sprouts from our garden – Allan has green fingers. I snack on nuts and homemade rusks. Dinner is usually a salad with falafel balls or delicious vegan burgers. At night, before bed, I celebrate the accomplishments I have made, even if they are small. I avoid the self-abuse I used to inflict such as thinking about all the things I didn’t do. It is important to go to sleep in a good space, as our subconscious is powerful and will accentuate the feelings you have before you go to sleep. So make sure you go to sleep feeling good.


What about your weekly workout schedule?

I like to train at Virgin Active with a step and shape class, kundalini yoga once a week, a few beach walks and a few crazy and freezing swims in the ocean.


What are your go-to snacks?

Nuts, rusks, sprouts and crackers.


What is your favourite home cooked dish? Who inspired your cooking?

We made a delicious pasta dish last night with olives, broccoli, cauliflower, sprouts, coconut milk and chilli. It was a crazy evening. Our kids eat meat and I have found meat left out overnight or forgotten about in the oven. I have lost my @#$% and last week I gave them a final warning and made them pinky swear that if it happens again, meat will be banned. Well last night, our daughter was baking and found beef nachos left over in the oven from two nights before. So everything went pear-shaped. It was our eldest who had forgotten about it. And so just like that, no more meat.


Can you share a recipe with us?

I enjoy simple and convenient food and don’t follow recipes. I see what is in the fridge and go for it. Allan also loves cooking, so we are both simple eaters. But here is a yummy vegan snack:



1 cup oats, blended into a fine powder like flour.
1 cup peanut butter
½ cup dates


Blend all the ingredients together. Roll into balls and you have delicious raw cookies.


What are some things that people don’t know about you?

Most people don’t know that I had an overdose of pills when I was 11. I have processed a lot of shame and guilt over this as I was in a coma. I share this with some of my close friends and they are always surprised. We have all done surprising things and it is best to heal and share it. Love it, embrace it and forgive it. All my work involves emotions. I am multifaceted and so are you. I have also had problems with drugs and alcohol but I kissed these problems goodbye in 2016.


What is your self-care philosophy?

Always find time for yourself. You deserve that me-time. Make sure it is on your calendar. It is the same situation as a plane crash; you attend to yourself first and then you attend to your children; you need to apply your oxygen mask first and then help your kids. This is the way of life but it is difficult for us women to put ourselves first.


What are your biggest vices?

Sweet treats, if they are in front of me, I must eat them all. So I avoid having temptations at home.


What can’t you live without?

My LumiSpa, my morning coffee and lots of hugs.


Is there anything we have not asked that you would like to talk about?

I host a free gathering every Monday at 8pm called Money Affinity where people can ask me questions and feel some support, I am not salesy – at least not in my opinion. As financial work is complex, people who work with me need to feel safe and to have a resonance with me. Some people only show up for the free sessions and this is perfect. This is such a compliment and I love knowing that people trust me, appreciate me and are willing to give me some of their precious time. If you want stronger results, you will get this from my program. I have done studies on the results people receive when paying full price as opposed to half price or free of charge and it is very revealing. The effort people put in is exactly proportionate to the amount they are paying. Zoom is the online class which can be accessed on your mobile or computer.


Quick Fire:

Sweet or Savoury? Savoury
East Coast or West Coast? West Coast
Hot or cold? Hot
Lips or Eyes? Eyes
Smoothie or Juice? Smoothie
Yoga or Pilates? Yoga
Coffee or Tea? Kombucha!


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