Girl About the Farm

Girl About the Farm


2020 and 2021 have been weird years to say the least. For many reasons, it feels like a blur – and it will be a time that I look back with fond memories, for various personal reasons.

Chubbs can’t wait for his cuddle!

Since we bought our new home just over 3 months ago, life has inevitably revolved solely around its renovation and the farm project – it’s like having a child in a way! One day we had access to after-hours, free times and weekend getaways and the next, all of it had vanished and we have the responsibly of a new home, a cottage project, a small farm and all of the animals with it. It has been and still is a steep learning curve. One factor that I had not taken into consideration during the whole process, was how it would change me as a person. I have not only shifted my whole way of living and priorities, I have also embraced a whole new world that honestly, didn’t exist to me until 4 months ago. There are conversation topics, terminologies, companies that I get in touch with that are all alien to me.

Moka chilling with Noa

Before you ask, no I have not given up my ‘desk job’ but I am spending much more time running around the countryside – compared to sitting down all day, pottering about in the garden, moseying about the paddocks followed by our goats, discussing where new sprinklers could go, how I could get our hens to become broody or which way seed vegetables should be planted.


If there are any newbie farm gals out there reading this, and can relate, I would LOVE to hear from you! Right, I’m now off to do some Friday afternoon jobs, like finding a new bed for the cottage, making sure that all my furbabies are back in the stables, having a nice bath and cooking dinner/prepping for the BUSIEST week on the farm!


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