There are those places that come across once in a while, that pulls us in, holding us closely in the space that it takes up and tantalizing our senses with its surroundings. The dreamy senses of escapism that the property evokes, and the gorgeous colours and textures of the landscaping simultaneously restore forgotten parts of our souls, that maybe we were not aware were left behind. It is both Le Barn’s mossy green mountains that are veined with paddocks and stables, flowing streams, untamed forest, fruit, herb and vegetable gardens, pockets of meditative lookout points and seating spots, soaring oak trees and opened fields where horses, goats, pigs, alpacas and chickens gleefully saunter and skip along with each other that creates the idea of this luxury private cottage being a fragment of a different reality. This place where time stands still, reminds us of who we are, takes us back to our roots, guides us home to our hearts and evokes an innate desire to retrieve those treasured qualities that allow us to be as we naturally should. There are no cars, no roads, no buildings. Nothing but wilderness and nature. Nothing to hear but the birds and the wind. Nothing to do but restore and relax the body, mind and soul. It is a holiday after all!

Le Barn is a mystical place, set on five acres of splendid mountain views from an elevated position against the Noordhoek mountainside and is enveloped by the magnificent backdrop of the lush mountains’ peaks of Chapman’s Bay, in the upmarket private de Goede Hoop Estate, its fynbos covered dunes, long white sandy beach and crashing Atlantic waves. As you move through the living, dining and entertaining spaces of the two bedroomed farm style cottage, Sego’s statements of effortlessly chic stylish simplicity and sustainability rooted from her French roots are echoed in the use of natural materials of  200 years old reclaimed rail sleepers and windows, reused and reinvented elements of decoration, Oregon pine flooring, exposed wood burning fire place and glass protected floating stairs that transport you to a world of trees where nature harnesses its occupation inside as much as out. She has adopted the same laissez-faire attitude towards the cottage interiors that she applies with her fashion style, favouring minimalist basics with chic and classic juxtapositions, keeping the palette simple and layering nonchalant touches of vintage pieces to create an inviting aesthetic that encourages visitors to make themselves at home. The cottage is equipped for self-catering but be sure to have at least one fresh homemade farm to table meal or a picnic made by our amazing chef Emma that can be served on the fabulous cottage stoep, in its private dining room, at the firepit, tucked in a warm blanket while you are gazing at stars in the southern skies. Here, you’ll find kindness, heart and quiet that make it hard to leave.


We believe change is unavoidable and bring the opportunity for new possibilities and as such Wellness Fingerprint has shifted and become even more committed to create unique and tailored experiences for our guests and friends alike.

Let us know your vision for your stay, and allow us to design a unique offering just for you… that’s how you unlock the true magic of Le Barn.


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