Sego is qualified as:

Nutritional Therapist

Accredited by British College of Nutrition and Health (BCNH) Accredited by British Association of Nutritional Therapy (BANT) Registered with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)

Neuro Linguistic Programming Life Coach

Accredited by The American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)

Auricular Acupuncture - Detoxification Practitioner

Accredited by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association (NADA)

Pilates Mat Work Instructor

Accredited by Body Art and Sciences International (BASI) BA/Bsc Hons from the University of Roehampton

About Sego Elliott

Registered Nutritional Therapist | NLP Life Coach | Auricular Acupuncture Detoxification Practitioner | Pilates Mat Work Instructor

“I have experienced first hand the dramatic effect that dietary changes can have on overall health.”

In my twenties, I was organizing golf tournaments for a golf organisation in Asia. Back then, I was travelling extensively from one event to the other and became very run down. My diet was terrible and my way to regulate my moods was to ingest a ludicrous amount of caffeine! Something had to change.

That is when I discovered the world of nutritional therapy and I have been hooked ever since! I started devouring as much information as possible and re-wiring the way I ate too. After having my three children, I decided to make a career out of it and enrolled with the prestigious British College of Nutrition and Health based in London.

Since then, I have professionally qualified under the strict criteria required for registration with the Complementary Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) for regulation of Nutritional Therapists and also qualified as an NLP life coach. Confidentiality is at the heart of my code of ethics in clinical practice, which is governed by the British Association of Nutritional Therapy and Applied Nutrition (BANT).

“Wellness fingerprint has grown out of love and passion for a more natural way of life. Having experienced the benefits of applying my training to my own life, I thrive to share my knowledge and empower and inspire you to achieve a tailored approach to nutrition and optimal wellness.”

Being in the unique position of being a Nutritional Therapist, NLP life coach, auricular acupuncture detoxification practitioner and BASI Pilates instructor, I can share with you my knowledge on the health benefits of nutrition and lifestyle changes to either complement or provide alternative solutions to traditional therapies and can help you to address complex health conditions.

My goal is to look at the underlying causes of disease using a systems-orientated approach looking at the interactions between diet, exercise, environmental and genetic factors that can influence long-term health and complex, and/or chronic health issues.

I address the whole body, not just an isolated set of symptoms and I offer adapted therapies, getting to the heart of the needs of my clients. My aim is to work with my clients to develop a personalized nutrition and lifestyle programme that is achievable, sustainable and that meets my client’s unique nutritional requirements.

The first meeting normally takes approximately one to one and a half hours, during which I discuss with the client their conditions, symptoms, health history, diet and lifestyle.

I also highlight to my client the underlying issues that result in their symptoms. From there, I work together with the client on a plan to be followed between consultations. Other things to be considered are whether the client needs to take supplement and/or undertake functional testing — a wide range of analysis tools and laboratory testing in order to understand the underlying cause of the client’s health concerns. Then my client receives a personalized program on diet, lifestyle and supplement regime if applicable.

When booking a nutritional consultation online, the client will be able to download a comprehensive health questionnaire as well as a 5-day food diary, which will need to be completed and returned to Wellness Fingerprint, one week before the first appointment.

“At Wellness fingerprint, we can work together to make long standing changes to your health and wellness.” 

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